Delacata - TCI


Delacata® Style Catfish Fillets are a new, premium seafood offering

developed by the U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish industry. Biologically speaking, it is Grade A catfish (Ictalurus Punctatus). So why not just call it catfish? Well, because Delacata Style Catfish Fillets are far from a traditional catfish fillet. The mild flavor and thick, meaty flake of Delacata Style Catfish Fillets are similar to snapper or grouper – but the price point is significantly less. Only the most select fish are harvested to create Delacata Style Catfish Fillets. They are then deep-skinned and hand-trimmed to ensure all fat is removed, leaving only a fantastic, and incredibly consistent, prime cut of fish. The thick fillets are perfect for grilling, sautéing or broiling, and resist curling or shrinking under intense heat. The texture is extremely forgiving and remains moist, even on the longest buffet lines. Their mildly sweet flavor profile is also remarkably easy to work with. Sauces, marinades or herb rubs – it complements anything you throw at it. A Delacata Style Catfish Fillet makes for the perfect catch of the day, every day.

Sustainability means availability.

Our strict farming practices ensure Delacata Style Catfish Fillets are always available – and we mean for generations. Due to an ever-growing demand for seafood, over 75% of the world’s fish species are overexploited or depleted. However, Delacata Style Catfish Fillets offer a large-scale, responsible alternative. U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish are raised in freshwater ponds, primarily in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The ponds are fed from underground wells, and the clay-based soil naturally maintains purity. The ponds must meet Clean Water Act standards, meaning our farmers can only use chemicals approved for use in public drinking water. A special grain-based diet ensures hearty, healthy fish, as well as the fresh and mild flavor of Delacata Style Catfish Fillets. Once harvested, the select fish are transported live to the processing plant where they are quickly filleted, deep-skinned and cut into prime, 1/2″ thick portions. They are then hand-trimmed to remove any trace of fatty membrane, leaving a premium, heart-healthy fillet ready for your kitchen.

Versatile. Affordable. Responsible.

Farm-raised in the United States

Block or wedge cut

Healthy and sustainable

1/2″ minimum thickness

Versatile, mild flavor

Deep-skinned, hand-trimmed

Firm texture, with meaty flake

Minimal center seam or blood line

Exceptional quality year-round

No curling or shrinking

Fresh or IQF

Competitive and stable pricing

Delacata Style Catfish Fillets are deep-skinned and hand-trimmed for a perfect prime cut of fish. The thick flakes, firm texture and mild flavor work well with almost any cooking method.